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The series of woodcuts below started me off in the world of the Green Man. The story is a simple illustration of the transformation of a community after the arrival of the Green Man and his friends. I chose to tell this story using imagery that was reminiscent of the medieval woodcut.


The cartoon-like images were used to communicate a complex message to an illiterate audience. I originally intended these panels to be used to make large scale prints. However whilst I was carving them I fell in love with the way the blocks looked, so I eventually coloured and exhibited the blocks themselves.

In my spare time I like to think about air-cooled Volkswagens, Apple Computers, Twin Peaks ( or anything by David Lynch ), making films, Science, Art, Humanity, Science Fiction ( specifically Doctor Who ), Hildergard von Bingen, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen...any music really, the environment, beautiful Architecture, writing ridiculously long sentences, speaking in the third person, and of course the Green Man and all his associates.

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