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Many cultures have a tale about a spirit that lives in the forest or in the trees.  In ancient Europe this spirit represented the new life of spring... the voice of the primordial forest. The Green Man or Foliate Head are just two of many names given to the representations of this forest spirit. 


This is a website featuring artwork by Graham Wilson and many of the works are inspired by the Green ManWe hope you enjoy looking at the galleries available here.


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Graham was born and bred in Gunnedah New South Wales.


He has studied Armidale TAFE 1984 - 86, Hunter Street TAFE 1987 ( Art Certificate), The University of Newcastle 1990 - 92 ( Bachelor of Arts Visual Art), and 1993 (Post Graduate Diploma )... all majoring in Printmaking. Graham then studied Stonemasonry at Miller TAFE 1997 - 99.


He has participated in numerous exhibitions within Australia and overseas. When he is not carving stone Graham can be found painting, drawing, sculpting, acting, writing plays, designing stage sets and posters, singing, pointing at clouds, daydreaming, invent things, standing in doorways (not in a menacing way), forgetting what’s important but remember silly things, forgetting what’s silly and remember important things, and teaching Graphic Design and Art. 


Please use the contact form below to find out more about what I do and where I exhibit, or to ask questions, order a piece or to talk to me about a bespoke design.

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